Julia Baker, MS, RDN, LD

I am a former emotional eater turned dietitian. I healed my relationship with food and with myself, using mindfulness practice over 15 years ago, losing over 100 pounds in the process. My journey inspired me to help others work towards improved health and wellness. I have led over fifty seminars on how to build a healthier relationship with food in professional and community settings. Shortly after opening my private practice in 2017, I suffered from a concussion that left me with symptoms for several years to follow. Mindfulness practice helped me get through that experience, as it has with every bump in the road! I worked for Geisinger Medical Center (Danville, PA) for five years educating adults about weight loss, diabetes, disordered eating, and post-bariatric surgery. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and my family. I am a fitness enthusiast and have completed four half marathons and four sprint triathlons. I likes spending time outside in nature, often taking photos of the surrounding beauty.
University of Scranton, BS in Chemistry University of Virginia, MA in Chemistry Marywood University, MS in Nutrition

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